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    Would really appreciate some help with these basics:
    1. Is it important to have a gravatar? Also, the gravatar editor box hung off the bottom of the screen so I haven’t been able to use it.
    2. I plan on having guest bloggers (contributors), possibly 3-6. It looks like they have to have a wordpress e-mail. Does that mean they have to have a wordpress blog? If they have a non-wordpress blog, is it possible to get a wordpress e-mail? Does anyone have suggestions as to guidelines, parameters for contributors posting – should I suggest each post every 2 – 4 weeks? Anything I should know before inviting contributors?
    3. Is there any advantage to ALSO clicking the uncategorized category for a post, even if it is in a category?
    4. How do I find out which version I have?
    5. Should I limit the number of tag words I pick? I can’t see where wordpress limits the number of tags that are shown. If I keep going I’ll have hundreds showing.

    Thanks so much,

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