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Gravatar creepy, spam likes: what to do?

  1. Hello!

    Today I have been getting a RIDICULOUS amount of creepy "likes" on my posts by people that are obviously scammers or fake, claiming to host websites with "diet secrets" and "youth secrets." I am getting really freaked out--I write about fashion and beauty!
    Please, please help me. I really hate that they keep liking my stuff, I want to close my blog down.
    Here are some of their Gravatar profiles:,,,,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why don't you try turning Likes off? You can do it in the Edit Post/New Post screen.

  3. I really didn't want to turn the likes off but I guess I have no choice. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, spam likes are an epidemic, unfortunately, especially since you don't need a blog but can just have a gravatar instead.

  5. I tried to report these "Gravatar" blogs but it said they aren't accounts...this really stinks because the true "likers" of my blog are awesome. Thanks for all the help.

  6. If you find a user that is obviously using their gravatar account for spam purposes, you can report them directly on gravatar by clicking the link in the bottom right corner of any profile. I agree it's a pain to do so, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any other way.

    @brooklynbrentton- did you have something to say or did you just want to ironically spam the forum?

  7. @meghanmaryc - I apologize, but my above answer was incorrect. Apparently the ability to report them directly on Gravatar has been removed.

  8. I'm going to flag this as this is getting serious.

  9. @gamenology1 - You've been on for a week and are quite late to the discussions by other members about spam likes. Perhaps you should do some reading first?

  10. Sorry I'm getting used to it.

  11. What I'm saying is that while you are welcome to flag this for Staff, just be aware that they're already quite familiar with the problem.

  12. Howdy all,

    Thanks for reporting this to us. Spam likes are a problem that we have implemented various checks and processes to stop and are still actively working on ways to improve this.

    I appreciate your patience as we improve the Liking experience!

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