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gravatar dissappeared, can't crop new image

  1. I just realized my old gravatar dissappared and I now get one of the generic flower like images. Not sure when this happened because I just noticed it. Since I had the image still saved, I tried to add it again as my gravatar but I am not able to crop it. It shows the cropping lines but I can't move them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are these the instructions you followed? Visit your public profile and click on the link to Change your Gravatar.

    Which browser and version of it are you using?

    As you can't use the cropper you could have a browser issue so try changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies - instructions for specific browsers.

  3. I'm using the latest version of Explorer. I did what you said and still couldn't crop the image. But I did end up finding a copy of my old, already cropped image that Gravatar (or WordPress?) still had so just I re-added it.

  4. Good to hear you resolved this. IE9 has some funky behavior so that's probably what caused your problem. Happy blogging. :)

  5. The other thing you can try is to go directly to while logged into wordpress.COM. Then go to the "my account" pulldown at the top, select "add an image" and go from there. Sometimes bypassing wordpress.COM will work.

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