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Gravatar doesn't display

  1. richardkunzmann

    Hi all,

    Can anyone help me with a gravatar that doesn't display. I've now reloaded it three times, gone through the whole cropping process, and all I get is an icon on my browser with my face on it. The gravatar doesn't display next to my blog posts.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What gravatar are we SUPPOSED to see?

  3. I have uploaded and cropped a picture of myself, but it doesn't seem to appear next to my posts or comments. Any ideas?

  4. Can we get a link to your blog, starting with http?

  5. Dear raincoaster,

    I have changed my gravatar today (some 12 hrs ago) but the change hasn't reflected in my account.
    The 'edit profile' page is duly showing my new gravatar but my posts are showing the old one only.
    Should I expect the change to take more time or is there some other problem?

    Pls help.

    My address is -


  6. Dear raincoaster,

    I'm so sorry; just now I see that the gravatar has got changed : )
    Trust me, until 5 mins back it wasn't there. *OOPS* !!!

    But my old comments are still showing the previous gravatar. Shouldn't they get changed too ??


  7. Noooo . . .

    Excuse me . . .even when I am posting new comments in other blogs, I am getting the OLD gravatar against my name.

    Please clarify.



  8. Hey there, change can take up to 24h and is normally quicker here in the forums. It just takes time for it to work everywhere.

  9. If the gravatar that shows up now is a pokemon one it shouldn't be, i changed mine to cloud strife in khii but it won't work it just comes up with old pokemon one.

  10. ok... now a totally different gravatar comes up, what is happening?!

  11. While logged into point your browser at this web address
    and upload your image there then wait for about four hours for the servers to propagate
    the image through the servers.

    Also if you log out of Gravatar you'll also be signed out of

  12. I am having a problem that my gravatar is not showing up on other wordpress sites. They do have them active, but mine are not showing up. Can anyone help? (Shows up on my site)

  13. Oh looky it isn't in the above post either.....

  14. OK, I figured it out. It said my gvatar was PG, not G!

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