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    three huge problems on my blog:

    1. I’ve turned them off and now have no idea how to turn them on again. Google’s turning up nothing
    2. if they are side by side like in the author grid widget when I try to click on something inside the hovercard it automatically just selects the content underneath and the hovercard vanishes
    3. BIGGEST issue: clicking on the author gravatars takes me to their gravatar profiles instead of the posts written by them which is really useless

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Adrian,

    1. Do you mean you clicked the little link in the bottom right? If that’s the case, then you have to manually delete the cookie from your web browser as indicated here

    2. Which browser are you using? Definitely if you have a hovercard open, then clicking on something within it should trigger that link, not something underneath it.

    3. We’re looking at changing this behavior because we’ve seen it cause some problems, so this will likely change very soon. We’re going to make it so that a link will only be added to Gravatars if there isn’t one there already (rather than modifying one if it’s there).



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