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  1. My gravatar won't show my picture when I post to WordPress.
    Blog url:

  2. I see a gravatar here in the forums. Is that not the right one?

  3. The picture here in the forum is the right one, but it doesn't show as a picture when I post to my blog. Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. Dashboard—>Settings—>Discussion Settings—>scroll down to Avatar Display—>check Show Avatars—>Save

    Have you been using that avatar for a while or is is relatively new? If it is new, then wait until it gets established online. Avatars usually show up first on the forums here but take longer to show up other places. I'm not sure of the time, maybe up to 72 hours???

  5. I've been using this avatar for several months, but over the last month or two it hasn't been showing up on my posts. I followed your directions to make sure the "Show Avatar" button is selected, which is was. But maybe in saving the settings again it will show up. I'll wait a day or two and check again. Thanks!

  6. Have you changed your email connected with your account?

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