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    For I would like the same gravatar option as in the recent comments widget to be available in the recent posts widget. Would be great on a multi owner blog!



    I’m speaking from the other side of this issue. The last thing I want is more gravatar display on my blogs. I don’t display gravatars in my Recent Posts widget and have no intention of ever doing so.

    At present we cannot even shed our blogs of the like button spammers and the gravatars they leave displaying on our blogs.


    Either way, you could see this as an issue. Some would prefer gravatars both on the recent posts and recent comments widgets. Others, in concern of spamming and sharing a public blog, would like to keep it clean.

    Best solution seems the option to opt out gravatar use in the recent comments widget and opt in within the recent posts widget. It results in a coherent lay-out and maximum control.

    This is a concern that can be dealt with on, so I hope they adjust the user-friendly likewise.

    It’s the lack of control ( on likes and gravatars that can result in a cludgy lay-out. This is however personal and a different issue in my view.

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