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gravatar issue

  1. Hi the super duper team! Best wishes for a supercalifragilistic year! I've got a problem with my gravatar account (screenshot below): date and data of a missing file (+ the cross in order to delete also missing) I tried to overwrite with new pictures, but since that did not repair the thing, I finally decided to delete the whole stuff. Yet that ghost's still sticked into my empty library! Could you help me please? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    I do see the image - you have to have AN image uploaded, so it won't go away unless you replace it.

    It's possible you're uploading a profile image instead of a Gravatar; make sure you're uploading here:

    Just let me know if this doesn't help you! I'll be glad to keep troubleshooting with you!

  3. Hello, zandyring,
    I did it again but as I said before, this does not overwrite the missing file :-s
    ..can you see my account or do I have to upload a screenshot?

  4. I'm back to the problem I had before
    (the reason why I tried to delete everything :)

  5. Hi again lilmaouz,

    I'm sorry you're still having the issue!

    I don't think I fully understand - I can see your Gravatar when you post here; are you trying to get a new image? Are you just trying to delete the "empty" image?

    Sorry for the extra questions!

    By the way, I am subscribed to this thread, so you don't need to continue to mark it "modlook" for me to see it :)

  6. Hello zandyring,
    Sorry for the modlook tag
    Yes I'd like to delete the image with no red "X" (2012-12-27) please :)

  7. Hi lilmaouz,

    This should be all cleared up now!

    Thanks for your patience!

  8. Fantastic! Thank you so much, zandyring! Have a nice day :))

  9. You too!

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