Gravatar linked to OpenID?

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    When I comment on blogger blogs, I usually choose one of these two options:

    1. Use my gmail-account log-in, which is (somehow) linked to my blogger-account. This produces my blogger gravatar (for the blogs that has that enabled), and a link to my blogger account (

    2. I use the OpenID, which produces a link to my WordPress blog, an OpenID icon (even though I click the wordpress icon during the commenting process), and no Gravatar.

    I’d like for my comment to lead directly back to my WordPress blog, so there isn’t an extra step for the reader to go through Blogger. However, I have a Gravatar account (, and as far as I understand, this should make my Gravatar show up on blogs where gravatars are enabled. I’d really like to have a little Gravatar show up when using the OpenID, so I’m wondering if that is what should be happening? Is something wrong when my OpenID does not produce a Gravatar?

    To illustrate what happens, here are links to two posts I’ve commented on; both Blogger blogs, but the first with OpenID and the second with my Blogger account:

    The image used for Blogger and the Gravatar are the same. Also, my email-address for the Blogger account/gmail account is the same as I’ve connected to my Gravatar. I don’t know if that is a problem.

    So, is there a solution to this? Should I (can I?) delete the blogger account? Will that make my email link to the gravatar?

    The blog I need help with is

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