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    Hi there,
    About a year ago I moved my blog over to a selfhosted site ( from a one ( Ever since, my Gravatar has been linked to the wordpress blog, and not the self-hosted one. This is despite having set up through to be connected to my blog, and changing the email adress in the to something different than the one in use for the selfhosted website and the gravatar profile.

    What happens is that I try to comment on a blog, enter in my selfhosted website adress, gravatar username and email, and is redirected to a page where I’m asked to log in before my comment is saved. I cannot understand how is still attached to anything!

    The strangest thing is that I have sucessfully commented on a blog which then linked my comment to the selfhosted blog, and then 5 min later I was sent to the login page. The blogs were both

    Does anyone have any suggestions here? I apologise if any of this is unclear – I will clarify as best I can if needed!

    The blog I need help with is

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