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Gravatar localization available on GlotPress

  1. For those who've missed it or were waiting for it, Gravatar's strings are now available on GlotPress:

    As usual, use this forum to request validator access or language creation.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi vanillalounge (Zé)

    May you give me validator access for Spanish Gravatar please?

    User wpcom: darkeorc

    Thank you

  3. Done, thanks

  4. Thank's Zé

  5. Hello Zé
    Could you add Bosnian language to the list and me as a validator?

    Username: kenan3008

  6. Hi Z,
    Persian + Validator access

  7. @irdb, @kenan3008, done. Sorry for the delay

  8. As the original translato and contributors for glotpess italian version here I am to request access to glotpress as validator Thanks

  9. I am looking forward the Russian
    Thank you

  10. can i get access as validator in Arabic?
    .com username: louyx :)

  11. How does one put an avatar to your name?

  12. Italian, Russian, Arabic are set

  13. Hi vanillalounge (Zé)

    May you give me validator access for Bengali Gravatar please?

    User wpcom: mahmudfaisal

    Thank you

  14. Bom dia, Zé.
    I also want to be added as validator for Gravatar. Galician language must be added before.
    Muito obrigado, e bom verão!

  15. Hi vanillalounge

    Can you add Khmer language to Gravatar translation and add me as validator please.

    My wordpressCom username is svichet


  16. Bengali, Galician and Khmer are set. Please consider starting new threads for each request. I'm closing this one. Thanks.

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