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    I recently decided to change my original profile picture, because I realized when students (I’m a teacher) click on my tags, any posts I’ve written appear next to me wearing a political t-shirt. I’d like to avoid any appearance of bias, so I went to “Edit Profile,” and successfully uploaded and clicked on a new picture to use.

    My question is this: when I click on “Edit Profile,” it clearly shows my new picture (me in front of the Capitol building) in the Gravatar box. But when I first log in to WordPress, or when I click on tags in my blog, the picture that always displays is the first, old picture. Is there another setting for changing profile pictures? What am I missing? Please help!


    The blog I need help with is



    Okay… so clearly, it shows the NEW picture in the forums. Unfortunately, it still shows the old picture when I first log in to WordPress, as well as when you click on tags in my blog.


    It can take from several hours to as much as a day for the gravatar changes to work their way through all the many servers on the wordpress.COM system. Typically you will see the changes here in the forum first, and then it will work its way through to blogs and blog posts. I see you in a blue dress in gront of what appear to be a governmental building of some sort. Lots of columns.

    And, your blog is at http://trullinger.wordpress.COM/ not .ORG . You might want to edit your profile and correct that so that it will link correctly in comments and blogs.



    Thank you so much for the advice – and for catching that typo! I’ll be sure to fix that. I’ll leave this thread open for the next day or two, and then hopefully the changes will migrate and affect the other areas of WordPress and I’ll close it.

    Thanks again!



    Well it’s been over a day, and my new Gravatar is still not showing. It did for a while yesterday, but not any more. What could be the problem?



    It’s showing here but not in other places like my comments on other blogs, or the tag search.



    Well, it’s been a couple months after I changed my Gravatar and it doesn’t work.

    1. It works well only as my avatar in comments around
    2. In the browser tab it doesn’t work. For a week an old gravatar is shown, then it changes into WordPress generic favicon, then again to my old gravatar and so on in cycles, yet none in these cycles include my new gravatar. Clearing browser cache, IE history several times doesn’t help. There seems to be something wrong with, since it’s not just my computer.


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