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Gravatar not letting posters login?

  1. Hi,

    I got an email from one of my posters that he has not been able to post on my blog b/c. He says Gravatr keeps giving him an error message telling him to login when he is already logged in.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry this is happening. Please read the sticky post at the head of the forum Recent update on commenting and report your reader's issue to Staff.

  3. Gravatar is doing more than that. It just tried to create an account on gravatar, last night. As I wrote to Support last night,

    "I attempted to create a gravatar with id= ..."

    I'll have enough sense to delete that id, to avoid pranksterism. Continuing ...

    "... which your system confirmed was available. All that happened, after I entered my information, was that I ended up on the login form. The new login did not work, and when I asked the system to restore my password, I found that there was no record of my supposedly newly created account.

    I tried using both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I tried entering the passwords both by hand and by cut and paste, just to be sure that a sticking key wasn't causing a password missmatch and yes, before you ask, I did clear my cache and cookies. None of this helped. No matter what I did, your system failed epicly at the most basic bit of functionality there is - the creation of a new account."

    The system in question being Gravatar. I'm assured that a Gravatar account comes with each account, but the system seems unconvinced of this - having found the attempt to create a Gravatar account as futile this morning as I did last night, I just created a account to see if I could get past the problem that way. I went to "edit my profile", clicked on the link at the end of

    "You may also edit your profile at"

    taking me to and ... nothing. I still wasn't logged in at Gravatar, even though I could log into, as you can see just by the fact that I'm posting here. The system did, however, let me log into Gravatar, where, to my less than complete delight, I found that the system had assigned me an id instead of letting me choose my own id on Gravatar, and it wasn't the one I had been trying to get.

    So, I was kind of annoyed. The choice of id does matter. It has an impact on SEO, which I set to make my pages more likely to be visible to those looking for the subject matter I write about, and - equally importantly - less likely to be visible in the search engine results of those who are looking for that which I'm not writing about. I'm talking about white hat SEO considerations, in which one simply tries to avoid shooting oneself in the foot as one sets up one's site - the kind that Google encourages us to think about.

    In this, I found that I had been thwarted, because the company couldn't get its act together. Not cool.

  4. @bookislander
    Hello there,
    We Volunteers on this peer support forum cannot help with your issue. Please read the sticky post at the head of the forum Recent update on commenting and report your issue directly to Staff.

  5. Already done. It was the first thing that I did.

  6. I'm having the same problem--even when I'm logged in, WordPress tells me that my email is associated with a Gravatar account and that I must be logged in to comment. I am now completely unable to comment on ANY blog. (Yes, I've read the sticky post, and yes, I've reported the issue to Staff.)

  7. I am using wordpress in all of my online courses (instead of the Blackboard discussion forum). As of this morning, I have been inundated by dozens of complaints from students about not being able to post the the wordpress class discussion forums. In all, there are over 150 students affected by this problem.

    How do I resolve this?

    Thanks, Rene

  8. In the dashboard, go to settings > discussion and deselect "Comment author must fill out name and e-mail " and then save your changes. The email field will still appear, but they will again be able to comment.

    This was supposedly all triggered by one Google big-wig being impersonated in comments at, and quite truthfully I don't see how they are going to fix this so that commenting is again easy for people (other than not requiring the email address as I described above).

    It sucks, but that's the way it is.

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