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    Anyone have any idea why my gravatar isn’t showing up on my blog? This is something that first occurred this morning.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Rebecca,
    If the gravatar you are referring to is your photo and you are wearing a dark blue T-Shirt and lighter blue shirt on top then I have good news for you. I see your gravatar both here in the forum and also on your blog. If it’s not then I urege you to wait a little longer because it takes time for these gravatars to change throughout the internet. :)



    Hi There!
    I recommend reading → Whys My Gravatar Not Displaying for possible reasons and solutions…



    just testing



    Don’t use the technical support forum to test; there’s a very long thread in Off-Topic just for this.


    @SK… kindly tell the owner of that site to change the background tile, it seriously gives me a massive headache


    @tschuettdesigns, It’s their site. They can do as they wish.




    Hi There! I am the owner of WP Xpert I apologize I don’t post to that blog very often and I grabbed the link from the dashboard view via edit post and I forgot about the noisy background I have taken care of the problem WP Xpert is no longer because I moved those Posts over to Slik Tutorials and I have taken into account with the new blog being easy on the eye’s

    P.s. @everyone I updated the link in this thread to the new blog the link still leads to the same article…

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