Gravatar Not Updating

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    Most of the issues where you may not see your avatar are because of caching. Either in your browser or maybe by an ISP proxy.

    A good test is to right click on your avatar here and copy the image location.


    Then add


    to the end of the URL to make it

    or remove the


    to make it

    Try loading these different URLs in your browser. They are usually cached differently, even though they point to the same image on the servers. If they are displaying different images, it’s definitely a caching issue and you need to either clear out your browser cache or wait for your ISP’s proxy cache to clear out.

    This is also why you might see the new avatar in some places (forums) and the old one in other locations (comments). If the two locations are using different parameters on the URL, one might be cached from before you updated the Gravatar.

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