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Gravatar on Blogging Home page won't change

  1. Hi,

    I've just recently (about 10 hours ago or so) changed my gravatar on It seems that my gravatar on my Blogging homepage ("Your Blogging Home") and the photo widget on my blog still uses the old one and it's not changed. What gives?

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Gravatars changes will take some time to make it through the system and you will notice the change first here in the forums. Is the gravatar showing here the correct one? The one I see in your author widget is the same as the one here.

  3. Oh, I see. Well, yes, the one here is the correct one.

    Thank for the speedy reply! I appreciate it & your help!

  4. You're welcome, and on your blog, I'm seeing the correct gravatar.

    Try clearing your browser cache and then reloading the page if you are not seeing it there.

  5. orangedotcrafts

    I'm having the same issue. Am I making the same mistake? It's supposed to be a cherry pie, but it appears as a quilt square which i think is the default display.


  6. The cherry pie is what shows here. It will show up on your comments and such shortly.

  7. Just trying to see if my gravatar appears.

  8. Test

  9. mixedgreengirl

    How do I change my gravatar from the quilt to my picture? Is this an upgrade function?

  10. What quilt? I'm seeing the image of a blonde woman smiling. We also need a link to your blog.

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  12. calcinhavermelha

    I cant see my either

  13. test

  14. Ok I have the correct gravatar here but its not showing on my blog and i have tried clearing the cache :s

  15. It will show up here in the forums first, and then in your blog later. Give it a couple hours.

  16. Ok thanks I was probably just being impatient

  17. testing

  18. Test

  19. There is a sticky thread at the off topic forum for testing your avatars. Please use that.

    My gravatar does not show on my blog page, it does show on some other blogs when I post a comment but not on all of them. Let's see if it shows up here.

  21. well, no it doesn't show here.

  22. I have been trying for a week to get it to show and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. My cache is cleared several times a day so that cannot be the problem. I don't know what it could be as it does show on "" when I comment.

  23. Go to users > your profile. Does your gravatar show up there?

    If not, while logged into wordpress, go back to , click on "my account and then click on "add an image" and upload the image again.

    It is best to upload an image that is sized to 128 x 128 pixels. Also make sure the file has an extension ( .jpg or .png or .gif as appropriate) and also make sure the file name has only letters and numbers - no special characters.

  24. Also in your dashboard on your blog go to settings > discussion, scroll down near the bottom and make sure that "Show Avatars" is selected.

  25. Thanks, I also heard from Hanni. I went to and discovered that I needed to change my rating from g to pg in order for the gravatar to work. It now seems to be working just fine. Again, thanks.

  26. well, that is strange, here it still shows that green pattern thingy.

  27. It can take an hour or so for it to propagate through the wordpress system.

  28. OK, thanks I'll check it again in the am on the test site.

  29. I went to the test site this morning and my gravatar is still not showing here or here, though it is showing on my blog and my profile and when I post on some other blogs. It even shows in the address bar of my browser when I am on my blog.

  30. We need a link to your blog.

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