Gravatar photo not showing on my WordPress site

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    It shows up everywhere else, including on this forum, but the gravatar shot does not show in the about box at the bottom of my posts. Why?

    The blog I need help with is



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    It is hosted at as



    I’m having a similar problem. I write for a music blog ( that is set up through and I’ve struggled to get my photo to appear on the blog when I make a blog post. The picture appears when I comment on blog posts by myself or others, but it will not come up on the side panel of the blog where the contributors are listed or in my profile at the bottom of my blog posts. The other bloggers from our site don’t have this problem, and I’m very confused as to why. Our web designer just keeps telling me to check the rating/size of my photos on gravatar but that never works. Help, please?



    Member is a WordPress.ORG blog, not a WordPress.COM blog, which is a good thing because your advertising would get your site suspended here; it’s against the Terms of Service.

    Just go to WordPress.Org’s support forum and you should find a solution. have you confirmed that your blog theme displays gravatars on blog posts themselves? I can’t think of any that do, offhand.


    @raincoaster – I’m using Twenty ten (with some custom CSS).

    I know of other sites using the same theme that show gravitars.

    Here’s one:

    The Avatar doesn’t show if I switch off the custom CSS.



    WordPress is a pain in the ass.



    Especially if you don’t even know what forum you should be in.



    That’s called an “author profile”. In some themes there will also be an Author Profile displayed below each post. The data for the Author byline author profile is from this page > Users > My Profile > “About you” section . If you do not wish to have an Author Profile appear then remove the information you previously provided on this page > Users > My Profile in the “About you” section and click “Update Profile”. If you want it to appear then you complete the “About you” section.

    P.S. Regardless of the theme, author bylines will only display now if there are at least two authors who both have at least one published post in the blog. There’s a workaround here > Changes Bylines for Authors


    The profile stuff is all there – it has been all along.

    The bit I didn’t get before is “Regardless of the theme, author bylines will only display now if there are at least two authors who both have at least one published post in the blog.”

    That recipe is just what I was looking for.



    I thought it might be. :)



    Now about the gravatar. Here are the best practices:
    (1) Choose an image that does not have any transparency in it and scales both up and down in size without losing definition. Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s 512 x 512 pixels or larger so it will look the best in the widest range of uses.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    (4) Note that there is a time delay while your gravatar image propagates. If you are experiencing problems then go to the gravatar site and read the FAQs as it contains common questions and answers to them.



    Your image is ok. Just go to Settings > Discussion and click the option Show Avatars.


    That worked, but my word… it’s not something anyone could have figured out on their own. :-)



    Agree, because discussion means comments, and comments have nothing to do with the author profile.


    I read all comments but the i have a basic question,
    why it’s so hard to chance my profile picture?

    isn’t there any easier photo service to serve photographs…

    So… I need help, now my profile appears like anonymous :/.

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