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gravatar problem!

  1. When I click on "change your gravatar" (note: I've never loaded one), I get an opaque gray screen covering the site, and a bar indicating "loading", but it...never...loads. It just stays on "loading", no matter what time of day.
    Note: I have Mac OX.

    Thanks for any help ya got!

  2. If you are using Safari, what version are you using?

  3. I have no idea .:(

  4. a ha!
    version 3.2.1.

  5. I am having the same problem, both with Safari and with Firefox. Solutions most welcome!

  6. Fixed! Emptied browser cache, cookies and delete history and it finally worked.

  7. Well, it just doesn't work.

  8. andyash,
    I see your gravatar as a blue square with white letters: 3CO.
    I see your blavatar as a blue square with red letters, too tiny to read but perhaps 3CO.
    Are these your new or old icons?

    Please don't repeatedly post the same question.

  9. 1tess, sorry for multiple posts, just got tired of this problem. Thanks for giving proper names at last.

    The thing (whatever it's called) is supposed to be blue with silvery letters (the red-lettered was an old one that lasted 2 days). My gravatar account shows the correct one. So, what's a blavatar then? Why so many -avatars if one account can have only one irrespective of how many blogs I have under one name? That is so confusing, especially since my account lets me access gravatars, but I'll have to start looking for where to find and change blavatar now.

    Found it (thanks to mentioning Settings - General in some forum thread).

    I suggest you put a comment-free topic in Support that would tell people once and for all about the difference between blavatars and gravatars and where to find them. ;-) Am I correct that I have one gravatar for all my blogs (for my single identity in all all of them) but can have separate blavatars for various blogs under one account/identity?

  10. Think of a blavatar as an avatar for your blog; each blog can have a different one. Your avatar is your personal face online. A gravatar is just an avatar that works on many different sites instead of just

  11. And people have been told "once and for all"; but some people don't bother to search the FAQs or the Support info pages.

  12. You know, I searched the FAQ for "blavatar" and that didn't come up. Subpages are whack.

  13. Damnit, I hate it when websites ruin things that work and put in place shit that doesn't work. Fuck gravatar. Fuck it hard.

  14. For those who still have troubles, just visit directly.
    ...and lunawolf got it right, gravatar is a mess

  15. Though quite rather offensively.

  16. i tried to empty my cache and it let me upload a new gravatar, and it changed on my wordpress, but i commented elsewhere and it showed up as the old one. does it take a while for it to show up correctly?

  17. My wife put on a Blavatar to match her Avatar...I mix up the two constantly...and now, it comes up in the URL (her blog is I have the exact same image for my Avatar and Blavatar and yet, nothing in the URL. It comes up everywhere I comment, but in the URL...nothing. Any reason for this?

    Thank you!

  18. HAHA! Thank you, mahadeo! After much ado and emptying my cache (which I have never had to do in my life) I have succeeded!!!

  19. i cant upload my gravatar either, under "edit profile", i just get the grey screen with the loading bar. Im using firefox on a pc and i cleared my cache. I never uploaded one before this is my first time.

  20. thatgirlsophy,
    Do you have a blog? Please provide a link to it when asking a question in the forums here.
    Or link your name to your blog.
    check out #2 on the link below:

    Going directly to
    sometimes works better.

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