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Gravatar Profile Widget Gravatar Image A Bit Blurry/Faded

  1. Hello,

    At some point after the Twenty Fourteen theme was released I noticed a possible bug/glitch that started with the Gravatar Profile Widget that causes your Gravatar image on the Gravatar Profile Widget to look a bit blurry/faded than it used to look/than it should look, and I did not have this problem until then.

    I have tested several images, they look fine on and on other places and on other widgets that show your Gravatar image, but in the Gravatar Profile widget they look a bit more blurry/faded/lower quality than they should/than they used to even when using larger/clearer/higher quality images.

    I just wanted to report this so that if this is a glitch/bug I hope that it is fixed so that things look normal again like they use to.

    You can test this yourself by adding a new Gravatar image such as:

    Then compare how it looks on with how it looks on the Gravatar Profile Widget.

    For extra comparisons you can compare the Gravatar, Authors, and Authors Grid Widgets; and you will see that they display the Gravatar image clearly/normally unlike the Gravatar Profile Widget, at least for me in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and the latest Firefox in Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.3.

    On my blog I added the Gravatar Widget under the Gravatar Profile Widget so that you can compare them as an example:

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you please set a Gravatar image? I don't see your current image being blurry.

    If possible, send me a screenshot, so I can better understand the issue. You can simply upload the screenshot to your Media Library, like any other image, and I'll be able to access it from there.

    The page at the following link has some helpful tips for taking screenshots:

  3. Hello Kardotim, that is my Gravatar, I am using an image of my Identicon as my Gravatar.

    Here are some screenshots, if you look closely comparing the images you will see the difference in quality/sharpness/color, and the Gravatar Profile Widget always looks worse than the others if you look closely:

    Gravatar Profile Widget:

    Gravatar Widget:

    Gravatar Website:

    If you want me to try some other images as my Gravatar just let me know, I have tried several different images with the same results, thank you.

    -John Jr

  4. Thanks for your detailed reply, appreciate it :)

    It looks fairly sharp on this end. Could you try a different image and make several screenshots again?

  5. Here is a new image on a different computer and I can still tell the difference even though I have bad eyes, if you look closely you should see the difference, but maybe we should try an image with more colors next and/or an image of a real life scene:

    Gravatar Profile Widget:

    Gravatar Widget:

    Gravatar Website:

  6. Where is this screenshot taken: ? Blogger? It might be that they implement the image differently. Feel free to send me the Blogger link to take a peek.

    Thank you.

  7. That was from my Blog:

    All of them are from my Blog except for the Gravatar Website images.

  8. I've just contacted our developers to take a closer look at this. I'll report back once the issue has been resolved.

    Thank you!

  9. Thank you Kardotim. :)

  10. You're welcome. I'll keep you informed.

  11. I have some more information that may/might be helpful, I think that the image size for the Gravatar Profile Widget used to be smaller before the glitch but the glitch started one day when suddenly the Gravatar Profile Widget image seemed to have magically gotten bigger like someone had decided to increase the image size of the Gravatar Profile Widget, and if you right click on the Gravatar Profile Widget image in Firefox and left click View Image Info under dimensions you will see: 200px x 200px (Scaled to 306px x 306px); and so I am guessing that the problem is that it is forcing a 200px image to show as 306px causing a drop in quality/sharpness/detail/color/et cetera.

    Screenshot of the View Image Info:

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this because maybe it could help them with fixing the problem.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  12. You are right, I'll forward the information!

    Thanks again.

  13. You are welcome, and thank you Kardotim. :)

  14. If you are using the Twenty Fourteen theme and you move the Gravatar Profile Widget to the Primary Widget area, it will look normal again because it is forced to a smaller size, and so this is one temporary option/solution until they hopefully fix this glitch one day. ;)

  15. Hi John Jr, Wanted to thank you again for this report, and let you know the "blurry" Gravatar image in the Gravatar Profile Widget is now fixed.


  16. Hello Lance,

    I currently do not have a Gravatar image set and so it shows my Identicon instead, but it still has the bug it seems.

    The 200px x 200px image is still being scaled at 300px x 300px for me, and so it is still a bit blurry in Firefox 31 (while still signed in, without exiting the browser to clear everything first) and Internet Explore 11 (signed out in Private Mode).

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  17. Hello Lance,

    I just tested it again without a Gravatar image and I did a test with a Gravatar image, I guess you made a few more changes ;) , and the bug seems to be fixed now.

    Thank you very much for fixing this bug. :)

    Have a good night,
    -John Jr

  18. jeremeylduvall

    Great John Jr! Glad it's working now. Please let us know if you need anything else.

  19. Thank you Jeremeylduval, Lance, Kardotim, et cetera.

    There are still the various other bugs that I reported that have not been fixed yet but most of them are probably on lists (like the Low Priority List) already so there is nothing that can be done but wait, but there are many people (including myself) that would like someone from WordPress to respond to us if possible at what I am calling The Battle Of Beep Beep Bop :D :

    Anyway, this topic is now resolved, so I will mark it as resolved.

    Thank you very much :) ,
    -John Jr

  20. Also there is one other thing I need help with, here is my post about it:

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  21. jeremeylduvall

    Thanks John Jr! It looks like Shawna is working with you on the Publicize post, and we're continuing to monitor the post regarding the new editor.

  22. Hello Jeremeylduvall,

    You are welcome, yes she is, thank you very much. :)

    Have a good day,
    -John Jr

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