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    Hello :D
    We’ve all come across the problem of LIKE avatars linking to Gravatar and there is no link from Gravatar to the blog as either the blogger doesn’t know about Gravatar or is scared or lazy to work in there.

    Isn’t there some way WP/Gravatar can create an automatic link in Gravatar to the blog as soon as a new WP blog is created with easy access in the main menu of the WP blog dashboard for editing by the blogger as he/she gains experience.



    This is a common problem for WordPress bloggers. Someone likes or comments on our blog, we click the little picture and it goes to Gravatar. But a lot of times, there’s no link to the person’s blog or website, making it difficult to find the person. I agree with Ralph, there should be an auto link to a person’s WordPress blog inserted into their Gravatar profile page, with editing options in the settings of their WordPress blog where they can choose not to display the link or to edit it. At the very least WordPress should inform new bloggers that others will be directed to their profile on Gravatar when their avatar is clicked.

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