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    Give me translation rights of Lithuanian gravatar translation. As far as i see translation last time updated 2011.07.13 so current translator is inactive.
    If i approved translator of why i have to ask permissions for each project?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, thanks for your help, I’ve added you as a validator for the Gravatar translation project. I usually add people as validators only to the projects they specifically request access to, and each of those are separate GlotPress projects so I need to add usernames separately. I hope this clarifies things :)



    why in there is no Lithuanian language? add it :D



    and there is no page, even exist and there is 0 strings translated.



    Indeed, is missing at the moment. Thanks for pointing it out, looking into it!



    It’s up:

    Please note that Gravatar translations are deployed as needed. If you finish the Lithuanian translation for Gravatar, please drop us a line here so that we can deploy it. Thanks again for your help!



    finished translation(i won’t translate faq, because nobody reads documentation:) ) deploy it. sooner or later i’ll update translation(because i can’t translate right without context) so don’t go far.



    Thank you, put it on the list of things to deploy, thanks for your patience in advance!

    Out of curiosity, I noticed that you translated using an external tool and then imported the translations into GlotPress. Is it because you have a Translation Memory elsewhere, or you just prefer another tool over GlotPress? Thank you!



    in short: i prefer my own tool(gtranslator)

    full story:
    main reason for that is that i always use same translation app, i’m familiar with all aspects of that app, i have my translation memory.
    another reason:
    wordpress translation system not works as it should, eg. sometimes translation system can’t find necessary strings; search system can’t don’t has feature „match case“; in wordpress system i can’t search for string which starts with needed word “”foo” or ends with it “foo”” or word witch is the only string “”foo””; wordpress system don’t have “search and replace” feature; translation app has dictionary in same window there is all strings, so i can look to dictionary without need to close current window.



    Good to know, all great feedback. GlotPress is still a young tool in development. Thank you for sharing!



    there are a lot of old translation platforms eg. transifex, pootle, launchpad, babelzilla, etc. none of them has full toolkit needed for translator(for translator like me:) ), imho so and must remain… someone needs(like I) all possible tools, someone needs only window with two inputs “original” and “translation”. each person chooses that way of translation which is closer to him. while translator has right to choose translate online or offline translation platform has everything it needs:)



    True, every translator will have his/her own preferences in the end.

    Also, the Lithuanian translation of Gravatar has been deployed.



    you are sure about it? eg. main page(, strings which i translated but they still appear in english:
    Millions of avatar images served billions of times per day …
    Setting up Gravatars on your site is easy; you don’t even need an…
    Example Plugins and Code and it’s only main page… btw string “My account” on top left corner is not translatable.



    i meant right corner :D



    Looks like gravatar translation template is obsolete, not translatable strings:
    Edit My Public Profile
    Link URL...
    Link Title...
    Display Options
    Personal links
    Choose an image, below
    Click here for help
    How your gravatar looks on sites using the following ratings:
    Cell phone
    Home phone
    Work phone
    Log in

    in file:
    msgid “Custom Background”
    msgstr “Pasirinktinis fonas
    in action “Custom Fonas

    strings which not shown(because .pot is obsolete):
    If you want to remove your profile information, just go to the <a href=\”%s”
    “\”>profile editor and delete it manually.

    “Your Gravatar (image) will continue to work even with your “
    “profile hidden. If you want to remove your Gravatar as well, go to the <a “
    “href=\”%s\”>Manage My Gravatars page and click the Don’t use this “
    link underneath each email address in the list.”

    + those which i mentioned earlier.



    Well observed, something to keep in mind is that Gravatar translation strings are updated manually once in a while (unlike translation strings, that are being updated nearly in real-time). So it’s normal to see some strings to be out-of-date. translations are seen by many more people, in any language, that’s why I encourage translators to focus their creative energies there.

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