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Gravatar vs Blavatar

  1. I was wondering which, the Gravatar or Blavatar, is supposed to accompany posts when they are published on the topic pages? Previously, I had noticed it was the Blavatar, but more recently it seems to be my Gravatar. Does this mean that if I want that photo to change, I need to change my Gravatar? I understand why this would make sense on multi-authored blogs, but for one person writing a blog, it seems silly. I like my Gravatar to represent me both on and off of WordPress, while I thought the Blavatar was supposed to represent the blog itself and not the person.

    I had previously asked this question and was told my Blavatar does show up in the forums, but I am specifically asking about the photo that runs next to the blog name on the topic pages. I have watched mine for several weeks now and it remains my Gravatar although I had made no changes to my account.

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    The blog I need help with is

  2. The reader shows the Gravatar of the person that wrote a particular post. This post appears in the topic pages overview. When clicking on the blog title next to the Gravatar, you'll end up on a page like:!/read/blog/id/38207490/

    Here you see both the Blavatar with the Blog Title and Tagline, and below you'll see the latest posts of that blog.

  3. I understand the change and difference. I just don't like it. But, that doesn't really get me very far. I guess I'll just accept it.

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