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gravatar/avatar and adding photo to text widget

  1. cookinginmexico

    Do the words avatar and gravatar have the same meaning, therefore, used interchangeably by WordPress?

    Also, can I add an avatar-sized photo of myself to my text widget "About Me" so that a photo accompanies this text? I don't want to replace my avatar, the photo that follows me when I comment on other blogs. I just want to add a different photo to the text widget.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Kathleen. First off, let's clarify that there are two types of avatars:
    - a Blavatar (blog avatar) which is linked to your blog and also doubles as a favicon on your visitors' browsers
    - a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) which is linked to your username and appears in many places, one of them being these forums

    To replace the picture on the top right corner of your blog, either change your Gravatar (it requires some time to take effect), or if you wish to keep your Gravatar profile picture intact, use a regular text or image widget instead of a Gravatar widget.

  3. cookinginmexico

    Thanks, airodyssey. This helps a lot.

  4. You're welcome :-)

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