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  1. I have signed up and created two gravatars. One for my "persona" (unique email address) and one for my other "persona" (unique email address) on a hosted domain (wordpress install.

    Below are questions that I would like answers to please.

    (1) Will members automatically have their gravatar included or will it have to be added?

    (2) Will all avatars show on both interfaces or will there be one common interface for gravatar and for

    (3) What happens when it comes to those like myself who have both blogs and installs? How will our situation be handled?

  2. If you have questions about using or extending your blog, we’ve got some of the most responsive support around. There is a feedback form on every page and a contact form.
    Normal support hours are Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5PM PDTIn addition to all of that, we have some pretty cool forums where you can chat with other friendly fellow users.


  3. Thank you for your contribution. *lol* :D
    I have already clicked "Help" on the gravatar site in an attempt to find the answers but I got this

  4. timethief, were you reading my mind? ;) I think they are still working on what is best for everyone and are going to 'combine' the services somehow, but that is just "speculation" on my part and nothing official....


  5. @Trent
    No I'm not a mind reader. I had the same questions on my sticky note pad as you had in your blog. Although I did not read your mind ... *lol* .. I did read your blog and that gave me the confidence I needed to post this. ;)

  6. And I want to know (and asked on the gravatar blog, but it got deleted) if gravatars will work the same way as our avatars in the Recent Comments widget, ie will Technorati pick up the link, or is that only for our avatars as they currently exist? (Technorati is a little borked recently, so I have no idea if the Recent Comments widget still works this way or not)

  7. Here's an update from staff:

    We have yet to announce just how the integration will happen.
    As for which image is used, that depends on the email you use, nothing else. So if you have the same email it's the same avatar. If you have more than one email you get the one you use or are logged in with.
    If you have the two avatars - one at gravatar, one here - and the same email then there would be a collision. And how that is handled will be announced when we document the integration.

  8. Then I guess it's best to wait for the integration.

  9. We have yet to announce just how the integration will happen.

    They don't know yet, then. And if this is anything like the last site Matt got hold of and decided to 'upgrade', we can't really expect anything to happen in the immediate future. Signups and uploads on have been disabled for over three months now.

  10. I expect integration is going to happen pretty soon. can be put off, because it has to do with .org people only, it doesn't make for increasing .com's userbase or expanding its browse/link/picture-happy* target group.

    *) it's a picture over words, right? -- not exactly.

    it's about yet another proprietary, [currently] closed source, centralised identity service and... Akismet.

  11. They are everywhere. Here's the announcement link

  12. But where, exactly, is everywhere and why? Even after reading that a couple times I'm unclear what this really means. (I'm sleep deprived. Have pity.)

  13. Here's the information
    And as for the answer to your "why?" - I do not have one. Perhaps you should post into Matt's thread and see what he says.

  14. Thanks for the link. I'm now more clear on the what. The why, I suspect, will becme self-evident once more people are on board with the what. (Bottom line - 4 apples on the internet is me and a dragonfly is you?)

  15. Yes. :)

  16. Are there any updates on how to integrate one's gravatar?
    There is still not much in the FAQ, and I haven't found much in the forum other than this thread.

    Right now I have a gravitar for all the other blogs I work with...but not at, which seems silly.

  17. I just use the same avatar in my profile as the one I use for gravatar and the same result is there ;)


  18. Yeah, but isn't the gravatar supposed know, integrate with WP?
    Make life simpler?

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