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    When I click on someone’s gravatar they left at the bottom of one of my posts, all’s I get is the their gravatar page with a photo of their gravatar, with no way of seeing their blog or profile info…Whats the point? The whole gravatar think seems odd to me, I have read the support on line, but still dont get it. Thank you for your time.
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    The blog I need help with is



    I find that annoying too. We have the ability to add our blogs to our Gravatar profiles. I have added mine and why other bloggers don’t do that is beyond me.


    Thanks your always very helpful, can I keep you as my wordpress Doc…lol…Im not sure weather my blog is connected or not to my Gravatar, how would I check? This wordpres site take a wile to navigate. Thanks again…



    See here
    You will have to edit your Gravatar profile page to include your blog.



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