Gravatars and universal public display names-any way for it not to be universal?

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    I’m confused about the whole Gravatar, Public vs. Private Display thing when it comes to commenting on blogs, forums, message boards, etc. It seems that if I pick a public display name (in my case, I have chosen SeekandFind) then everywhere I go on the web that public display name pops up. But if I don’t want to log in as that, and click Log Out then it appears I am unable to post a comment.

    What if I don’t want to use that Public Display name universally? What if I want to use one public display name on one public forum (of whatever kind) and another display name on another. Is that not possible anymore? Because it used to.

    Please let me know if (a) it is possible and (b) how I do that!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jenni,
    Did you get an answer to this from Staff?



    Just register more than one Gravatar and switch between them. You don’t ALWAYS have to use a gravatar, either. You will need more than one email, though. Or use your Gravatar/Wordpress Identity only on and use whatever you like anywhere else. You can generally sign comments with “Name, Email, URL (if any)” and this option allows you to use a different ID on every single comment you make, provided you have that many.



    Okay, thanks! I’ll try to sort this out. I did switch to a different WP that I registered under a different name and tried that. That did pull up a different User Name on that particular blog where I was leaving a comment.

    And no, timethief, staff did not answer me on this.



    I just did a thorough check and didn’t see any support tickets submitted by you about this. I’m sorry if it fell through the cracks. :(

    My answer would have been the same as RC’s.

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