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    So, I haven’t set any images to use for a gravatar. At some point, I selected an option from a page I can no longer find to let the system generate a gravatar for me. In most places on wordpress, I get this pretty pink and white abstract pattern. I like that. I would like to keep it.

    In the wordpress forums, I get this “retro” generated pattern, I think. It is fine. The page I can no longer find had a section labelled “retro” and some other sections with other labels.

    However, when I “like” a blog entry, it shows an image of a rather unpleasant looking square-faced grimacing guy(?). I don’t like this image – it is awful. I would like to replace it with the pretty pink one that appears when I comment.

    But, now I am even more confused, because I went back to look at some of the “Posts I Like”, and none of them are showing this icky face. Instead most show the pretty pink image. One shows a kind of funky looking purple alien line drawing, which is cool.

    So, my questions:

    – what controls which image is used where? Do I get to control that, and if so how? or is it controlled by the page on which it appears?

    – are *all* these images my “gravatar”? Or do some of them have other names? (See, I’m not even sure of the right words to use to ask this question.)

    – why am I seeing the icky face image when I “like” the post, but not when I go back and look at it later?

    – can I make the icky face image go away without affecting the rest of the images that are being used? if so, how?

    – if not, can I just save the picture of the generated image that I like, and upload that?

    I’m so confused… thank you for any help!

    Here is the location of the icky face image, in case that is relevant:

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh and one last question: where is that page I can no longer find?? ;)

    And mysteriously, I see the pretty pink image next to my name now, where I thought I had seen the retro image before…




    Also, nothing is preventing you from right-click copying that image you like and saving it and uploading it to Go ahead; it’s unique to you and the creator would probably be flattered.

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