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  1. babyboomergirl

    Hi wonderfolk. Someone emailed me saying "I've tried to follow you on wordpress and reply to the email they sent from you but it goes to something called Gravelas. What's that???"
    I don't know - Google didn't enlighten me. Can u good people? I don't want followers canning out.
    Thanks a heap, Radha (Blog: Baby Boomer Girl)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would like to get some more information. Can you please walk me through the problem?

    1. What's the issue? Please be as specific as possible.
    2. What web browser and version are you using? Please try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    3. Where are you encountering the issue? Please send specific links.

    Screenshots are a huge help - can you please send screenshots of the issue so we can better understand the issue? Please see for information on making screenshots.

  3. babyboomergirl

    Oh heck! Just found this! I formerly received direct emails from your support team and was looking in my email box for the help desk response.

    Meanwhile I just emailed you again! (Blush), the following ...
    "Hi. Just got yr "Rate Our Support" email, message: "Karim recently helped you out with your support request "Gravelas" I've not received any email from him as far as I know, so am wondering what email address Karim used to answer me? I've had fantastic support from you guys before, so I reckon I've got my tits in a bit of a tangle ... Am receiving several emails from followers no longer receiving notifications. REgarding my recent Help request, 'Gravelas' that person has now posted a comment on my blog tho I don't know if she is following. Re other followers not getting notifications, I'm wondering if I goofed up re Feedburner? ... I started out with that before WP offered the alternative. I cannot find stats for Feedburner, so I don't know who they are. I don't know if I still have FB activated. If not, maybe my early followers are no longer receiving notifications? I like yr new system, but looks like I need help sorting something with it. Could your Help person kindly email me on [email redacted] ? I am planning to change all correspondence to that address and delete the babyboomergirl1@gmail address once this is all sorted. I could not find emails from Karim at either address, so not sure what happened there. Hey -thanks a heap!"

    I tried to detail the problems in the email above - is that enough to go from for starters? (If not I will try these 'screenshots' tho I am rather techno-phobic ...) Thank you - Radha - Baby Boomer Girl blog

  4. Your e-mail subscribers can change set own settings wether they want to receive notifications or not at!/read/subsettings/

    If certain users still have issues, please forward them to us so we can better troubleshoot the problem.

  5. babyboomergirl

    Thanks. That is helpful. One challenge is that, with some people emailing me that they have not received notifications for eons (and they hadn't changed any of their settings), how am I to know which other people are not receiving should they not contact me. Grateful for yr invite 2 forward their concerns. Will do if I can't sort them out. Cheers! Radha

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