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    Hello, I’m soooo extremely frustrated with wordpress it’s rediculous! After having many problems, then skipping them because I can’t figure it out, I ran across a problem that is mind boggling!
    I want to create a gravitar but when I upload an image (well below the 1 mb limit), the I crop it, it I click “Crop and Finish”, then I get a message that says “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet! Add one by clicking here!”
    The image is not at all r rated and it’s only 136kbs which is WELL under the 1 mb limit. I tried this 10 times already and I’m getting the same thing over and over again.
    Please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I can totally understand how frustrating it is when things don’t work the way they should. (especially 10 times in a row).

    Let me just check in with the basic questions to locate the problem –
    1) Are you uploading the image at ?
    2) Have you tried switching to a different browser or using a private/incognito mode?

    Also can you share the image with us which you’re trying to upload as the Gravatar?

    Let us know in a reply and we’ll be happy to help :)



    I didn’t try incog. or a different browser because I HATE firefox and I have microsoft edge which is trash and freezes my computer all the time.
    The reason I don’t try those things is because it never seems to be a good solution and doesn’t fix problems…at least for me anyway.
    So I’ll try incognito and see if that works.
    So far I’m having trouble with paypal and something that won’t work there and google g suites with trouble with that, wordpress. com with troubles there and now this, so I’m trying to figure out all these problems with these non working sites all at once. I’m going out of my mind.
    Yes I will send the image. It’s not porn or r rated. WHoooops! I can’t actually send the photo because there is no link in here to use to send it.

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