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    I am using the Grazed theme on my website and I am wondering the following:

    1. There is quite a large header side. Do you know how I move it up? I’ll need to delete the RSS link if I do this. I have no need for that.

    2. How do I make the footer smaller? It takes up quite a lot of room on the page and I’d like the white cell to end just below the share links for facebook etc. This would mean also changing the length of the grey section section on the left.

    3. How do I get rid of the text in the side margin and move the white text window over to the left?

    4. How can I make it so that the header stays fixed when I scroll and the text / pictures move?

    5. I am also wondering how to make a slideshow of specific images rather than the whole gallery. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. I am unsure whether this is a CSS question.

    I would be really grateful for any help you could give.

    Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is


    This will get you part of the way there, but if you move the main content area up, you will lose the torn edge on the top of the content area since that is part of the main background image as is the RSS icon and the dashed arch with the arrow.

    To see what this will look like, add this to your CSS and then adjust the height value. The second bit of code gets rid of the “Stay updated via RSS” text. 190px hides the RSS icon.

    #header {
    height: 190px;
    #header .rss {
    display: none;
    .column, #sidebar {
    height: auto;

    Having the “header” stay fixed really isn’t an option with this theme since all the graphic elements in the header are actually part of the main background image. That means all the rest of the content is on top of that image.

    What you would have to do is to tear up the above referenced image and then work it in in pieces so that the header elements could be on top and the content scroll up and under the header elements.

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