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Great sites for free photos?

  1. Does anyone know of some great web sites where you can download free pictures to use on our blog posts?


  2. Take a look at timethief's resources blog. She has a list you can check out: (at the bottom of the page)

  3. thesacredpath,

    Thank you!

  4. Here is a couple of links that I use for my posts


    DryIcons is a site were you can download Icons for your site
    butif you use any of there icons in your post you have to
    link back to them....
    Icons by

  5. Sorry folks, but PhotoBucket is not a free photo site. The MorgueFile, however, is.

    You might also check out Wikipedia: Public domain image resources article. Lots of cool links there.

    And as always, read the site's rules before you use anything.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Photobucket is free in the aspect that they give you a HTML code
    to insert into your website

  7. Thank you teck07 and Arizonad!

  8. Your welcome! tryingtobegreener,

  9. Thank you teck07 and Arizonad!

    I just went to Photobucket and looked at their "terms". I just want to confirm though - can you take other people's posted photos (if not marked private) to use on your own blog?

  10. I have been and never got in trouble don't break the link though that
    way the image links back to the source...

    I have a album that is public and private if people didn't want there
    imaged used they most of the time mark it private....

    Bottom line IMHO if they didn't want you to use the image they
    wouldn't provide the code because they have the option in there
    account settings to not provide the code...

    P.s Stay away from flickr, I have heard of people getting in
    trouble for posting photos on there website that weren't there's...

  11. Also private photos don't show up on the search results
    those photos are public...

  12. I forgot to mention that allot of times people don't even
    upload a photo that belongs to them for example they go to
    a website then save the image to there computer then upload
    it to photo bucket...

    P.s. photo bucket is not free in the aspect of saving a
    image from there site to your computer...

    sorry for so many reply's


  13. There's Flickr of course. The Advanced Search tool lets you limit your search to include only Creative Commons licensed images, which are free to use provided you comply with the license (some don't permit commercial use or alteration) and give credit to the owner.

  14. thanks tellyworth!

  15. I prefer Flickr to Photobucket except for the annoying Yahoo intrusiveness. Photobucket went through my account and wholesale deleted anything they thought was dirty, including nudes by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Then they threatened to delete my account. I've never heard of anything like that at Flickr.

  16. Photobucket also deleted political cartoons they didn't like. That's out of line as far as I'm concerned.

  17. (the pictures on this one are more professional, but still a good site)

    hope this helped!!


  18. I just went to flickr to read what the guidelines are for using the photos. Can someone please verify - can you use someone else's photos on your blog? Do you have to give them credit? How can you use them?


  19. it depends on their licsence

  20. Read the licenses. You can't just take images willy-nilly. The same applies to Photobucket, although Photobucket doesn't give you the option to display a license as far as I know.

  21. well I know of a few that would give quality images for free :]
    the basics...

    and then my favorite :]

    you have to sign up but it's free :]
    your sign up gets rid of the signatures/tags on the bottom of the pictures and each of them are available for download/purchase/print.

  22. We just explained that Photobucket does not "give free photos." It's just really easy to steal from. And google is not an image host: it's a search.

  23. metaphotography

    Free photos by totaly free providing that you link to them

  24. Wikicommons at wikipedia has a lot of photos in the public domain. Some are good.

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