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    A user in the Greek forum pointed out a gross spelling error. I corrected it on then went ahead and processed all the items in the “Waiting” and “Warning” lists. Please see to it that the changes go live!

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy, the latest Greek translations have been deployed – thanks for your help!



    Hi jenia, and thanks!

    I’d like to repeat a suggestion I had made a couple of years ago. It would be very helpful if we could have something like a live preview of where exactly each item shows up. Nouns, adjectives and articles in languages like Greek have different forms for singular and plural, different forms for masculine/feminine/neutral, and different forms for each case (dative, accusative etc), so some of the shorter items are difficult or impossible to translate correctly if you can’t see them in context.



    Thank you. I agree with you, context is always useful when localizing software, and testing in context (going through the various screens) is a common (time-consuming!) industry practice. There is something along the lines of what you propose in the works, but no confirmed completion date at the moment.

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