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Green Marinée theme need to be updated to new version.

  1. The Green Marinée theme need to be updated to new version.

    It is a big update.

    Download: [Link Removed - drmike]


  2. Not convinced a .0.1 release constitutes 'a big update', but better support for category hierarchies is always worth having.

  3. They also fixed an annoying issue with smilies in 1.0.1.

  4. arai
    I'm not clear why the news about this download is of interest to those on forum and I'm hoping it won't lead to any "we've got to be dowloading zip files confusion".
    Correct me if I'm wrong but the version of the theme which has been re-written for (1.0) is the only one available here, and the bloggers using it here are not required to download any zip files, right?

  5. Since we couldn't do anything with the zip file even if we did download it, I think the info was aimed at any developers who might be reading this. And since it's now over 4 months since the original post, evidently they weren't. I've sent a feedback. :)

  6. I've gone ahead and removed the link. Best bet would be to send in a Feedback pointing this update to staff like wank suggests.

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