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    bug in my wordpress layout

    Hello- my computer was hijacked over the holidays (Jan. 1 – 15) and now that I’m back online I see that my GreenBlogNetwork blog has been messed with.
    Several posts – the ones dating from Sept. 15 to Jan. 18 have been suppressed. I’ve tried to copy and re-post but they’re not showing up.
    Namely: Coppola on Donner just will not repost.

    I am the admin and the only one with authorized posting access to this account. Please email me at (email redacted) for any responses.

    The blog is still not laying out properly. Please help!

    Thank you and Happy New Year –
    Paige Donner

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, sorry you ran into this issue. The layout of your site appears fine to me — are you still having trouble? If you do, could you please post a screenshot that shows the problem? Regarding the disappearing posts, could you please detail how you “copy and re-post” – do you add the posts via Posts > Add New, or are you using some desktop publisher connected to


    Hi Jenia,
    Thank you. I was able to clear it up. I went in and checked the box in settings that says “allow wordpress to fix any embedded html” or something like that. That seemed to fix the problem.
    Thank you for your swift reply to my post.
    And yes, otherwise, I do use Posterous often. There is often an issue with those posts but I’m used to fixing those and am familiar with that when it happens. This appears to have been something else.
    Kind Regards,



    Paige, glad to hear it’s all sorted for you. If you run into autopost issues on when using Posterous again, feel free to open a new request and report the issue via this form:

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