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    Maybe this is just an obviously stupid question, but I have been given conflicting answers by people I trust. I wanted to add some plugins to my blog ( with the press row theme — specifically the Gregarious plugins (

    I can’t find a WSR extension among the bunch, after I’ve extracted the file. A friend told me that the plugins don’t work with blogs — only with blogs, and that I should find and pay a hosting provider and get a website designed without WP support, if I want social bookmarking beyond and flick’r. (This friend has a Moveable Type blog)

    A different friend says that I can make the plugins work on, but I just am not doing it right.

    Can you help? I didn’t see quite the answer in the forum. many thanks for the help!



    You cannot use plugins at wordpress.COM

    But if you search the forums, you will find that there is a program called Get Social that allows you to put the social bookmarking things on your posts.


    There is an online service for social bookmarking and it is pretty complete. It isn’t totally automatic since you have to create the stuff and then paste it into each post, but it is the best there is for wordpress.COM.

    WordPress.ORG self-hosted blogs have a not more freedoms, but remember that you will be responsible for all updates, troubleshooting, intallation of themes and such, and all backups. In addition, there is the cost. Hosting + domain registration will cost you anywhere from $8 per month, to as much as $50 or more depending on the space and bandwidth you need, and if you get a post or two that are popular on Digg, you can burn through a months worth of bandwidth in less than a week and then the host will either shut your site down and not bring it back up until you pay them for more bandwidth, or upgrade your hosting. I have friends that this has happened to. One friend actually shut down his blog since he couldn’t afford the $100 a month due to his high bandwidth usage. I suspect he will probably head back to wordpress.COM in a while when the bug hits him again. There are no bandwidth limits here.

    You just need to be aware of what you are getting into with self-hosting a blog.


    Here is a blog post by one of the forum volunteers on using get social:

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