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Grey lines separating post? Can i get rid of these?

  1. theonecoleman2014

    I have these grey lines separating my posts. They also boxer the footer box. Can I get rid of these?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!

    Try this, for the borders:

    /* Removing border bottoms for posts */
    .featuredpost .post {
    	border-bottom: 0;

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. theonecoleman2014

    Thanks dude. That worked a charm for the post separator lines

    Thanks :D

    Any idea on the Footer Separators?

  4. Hey, no problem!

    Can you check and see if you have borders enabled in your widgets? Example, under appearance / widgets / look at your Twitter widget and see if you have the "show borders" button ticked. If so, un-tick it, make sure to hit save on the widget - then do the same with the Facebook widget, and see where that gets you.

    No sense over riding the widget styles if we can just turn them off. ;-)

    Let me know!

  5. Correction - in the Twitter widgets it says "no borders" - you'll want this to be checked.

    The Facebook widget says "show border" - you'll want this to be un-checked.

    Cool, let me know what you find. :)

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