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    Hi. Really stumped here, and I’m sure it’s something basic. I’m getting no background w/ the new Greyzed theme. Also, some of the icons (such as the little word balloons) are missing when I load up the page as well. I’ve tried emptying my cache and cookies and nothing. Of note, I do have custom CSS but I wiped everything out on that and replaced w/ the default Greyzed style sheet, and this is the result.

    Anyone point me in the right direction?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, Sean. To get Greyzed back to normal just delete all the CSS in the Edit CSS window, select “Add this to … the stylesheet”, and save. You’ll be back to square one, using the default Greyzed styles.

    The problem is the relative URLs in your custom stylesheet like

    background:url('images/bg.jpg') top center no-repeat;

    You’ll have to use URLs that point directly to images in your custom CSS.



    I’ll give it w a whirl once I get home. Thanks for the help!

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