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Greyzed theme - Hiding tags

  1. Is there a way to hide tags on posts in greyzed theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Without an annually renewable custom design upgrade and CSS editing this is not possible. See also what's said here >

  3. We also would need a link to the site you are talking about.

  4. Okay I'm changing my mind as that obviously the Fusion theme :D LOL

  5. My fusion theme has disappeared and I don't know where it went lol. I was trying to map to but something went wrong it appears. Any advice? The site you see is a hosted site that I am trying to dump. how did this happen?

  6. I was just messing around with the Greyzed theme because I like the look but definitely don't like the tags the way they are

  7. First off some education on tags:

    See this post ? Did you ever notice that you have more tags than words in the post?

    The search engines are right now completely ignoring all of your tags (they may even decide to ignore your site entirely). This gets you labeled as a tag spammer. Your search engine ranking will very likely suffer big time and you will not show up high in searches.

    Ten, perhaps 12 tags MAXIMUM per post. And actually the total of tags and categories should be no more than 12.

    You need to seriously put your site on a tag diet.

  8. ok thanks. I was told to do it that way by someone that obviously didn't know what they were talking about.It seemed kinda strange to me. I'll cut them down

  9. You are welcome.

    Tags can be hidden in fusion but it takes the Custom Design Upgrade. Once you get them cut down to 10 or 12, they may not be as objectionable.

  10. In Greyzed though, all the post metadata (date, author, categories and tags) are under one selector in the CSS so it is all or nothing.

  11. I have no idea how to best create tags or categories. Do you have any recommended references? Also, while I have you, do you have any idea where my fusion site went and why my won't bring it up anymore??

  12. Go into your domain management and make sure that on the is set as your "primary" site. See #3 here.

    Right now is resolving to .

  13. is set as my primary. I followed the instructions as it explained. Will this resolve on it's own?

  14. How long ago did you do the domain mapping on your site?

  15. 8-10 hours ago

  16. Reading on tags right now. Thanks again. This is a learning process

  17. Ok, I'm now seeing your site under your domain name. In general, it can take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 24 and in some instances I've seen it take even longer. It takes a while for the DNS change to make it around the internet and how soon you see the change depends entirely on how often your ISP updates their DNS caches. When I first responded I was not seeing your site under your domain name, but just now, after clearing my browser cache, I am.

  18. I was getting concerned that I did something wrong since my fusion themed site was replaced by the site you see so I clicked back and forth between the 2 as a primary a few times. I'll just leave it alone and hopefully it will resolve. thank you very much. You're always very helpful

  19. You are welcome.

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