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    I’m creating a group blog and want to get things all set up before inviting authors….I need to know how/if I can set things up so posts made by each author will be marked with their avatar or user name so as the authors wont have to remeber to put their names at eh end of each post…

    …and….I wanted to check that it is only the administrators that are able to change the settings/appearance etc of the blog??????!!!!!!




    1) Having the username show up on each individual post is theme dependent. Certain ones do and certain ones do not. I use Regulus for a 22 author family blog and it works great. So you dont have to test every single theme yourself you can check out engtech’s theme reviews as they are very comprehensive and have what you are looking for as well as plenty more info:

    I do not know of any themes that allow for avatars showing up with the post they usually only show the username. I setup an author’s page with links to their avatar and some info about them. If you want to link to their avatar then use this code:


    2) And to your second question yes to the fact that only administrators have the ability to change the setup of your blog. Here is a handy faq page explaining all of the differences between admin/editor/author/contributor:



    Are you at the correct site? I’m not showing a blog here with your user name here at if you’re hosted elsewhere, you need to be over at as you would be running different software and our answers would be different.


    thanks ryanjenn…thats really helpfull!!!! I’ll go have a lookie at the other themes…I may be back to ask about customisations though I need a very simple clear theme as the blog is for visually impaired users….

    and drmike the blog is under a different account because I wanted the blog to have a url pertaining to its content but didnt want that to be my username!!

    thanks guys and gals!

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