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    I am an instructor in a university media lab. is a private group blog for my classes, with a shared username and password. One of my confused students apparently in the last 24 hours removed my email address as the owner of this blog and replaced their email address as the owner, so I and other students can no longer access the blog. Can you please restore the email address that owned the blog 48 hours ago (mine) so I can regain access? My email address registered with the site was (email redacted) . I could access it yesterday but not today. Other students also can no longer access the site. This is a crucial time because it’s the end of a 10-week course. I have documentation in email that I created the site. I also have the initial web activation page code which ends in be8acde3a9f72efe



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    Member is the name of the site I’ve lost access to. When I try to log in with my work email address, the one I used to create the site with, I get a message saying that account is not registered with WordPress, although I was using it with the site yesterday. Strangely, when I request access to the site with my personal email address, a notification still goes to my work email address, (email redacted), saying (email redacted) has requested access to the site, and click here to give that person access. Yet when I click to authorize access, I get a page saying my work email is not registered with the site.



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