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    I asked about all the different “Googles” showing up under referrers in a support question, and I understand what is going on now. It is logged-in hits from Google+ or some other Google service where Google isn’t passing any information.

    But it is still annoying, because my referrers list gets filled up with Google India and Google Philippines and Google Mexico and Google Canada, etc, etc, etc. I recognize that these may not be search engine hits, so I understand why you aren’t listing them under search engines. Makes sense.

    So, my idea was that you could group the “Googles” just like you do “Search Engines.” Search engines are just one line on the referrers list, but expandable if I want to see which search engines. You could do the same with Googles — a single line (“Google”) but expandable, and then it would show all the different national Googles. It would make the referrers list a lot cleaner.

    The blog I need help with is



    It would be awesome if they could do that for twitter, too. I’d like to know who’s linking us.



    Twitter isn’t broken down like that, so it can’t be split up or combined that way.

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