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    I’m the administrator of a group blog. I have a contributor, who deleted his blog, and started a new blog. He is still linked, under users (on the group blog) – to the old blog – and it doesn’t show (our group blog) on the dashboard of his new site. So he is unable to post on the group blog. I deleted him under users, and then planned to send a new invite. When I send a new invite, it says that the user has already been invited (which they have, but under the wrong site URL, now). It will not let me delete the initial invite (An option to delete, an invite – expires after 30 days – from date of inital invitation) – so that I may start all over. So I re-added him, as a user, with his email addy; and it still shows the defunct blog. Does this make sense?




    I would wait until Monday and ping Mark a feedback for this. I don’t think it’s something we can help with in the forum.




    Thanks Collin – I thought that may’ve been the case :)



    The user should be able to go into their Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile and find a drop down menu with their blogs listed. They should be able to pick the one that they want in there.

    But the deleted blog shouldn’t be in there at all. That does deserve a feedback from the user.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks drmike. He says that he selected his new blog; and I can only go by what he’s saying :) I do know that whenever I respond to his comments, it goes back to his new blog. By the way, he even created a new email address to be linked to his new blog (as we thought we could get around it that way). I sent an invite that way, but it was still a no go.

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