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    My blog figured in Growing blogs couple of times. This was when the hits per day were around 300 +. However, today the total hits as of now are 850+ and it still did not figured in either Top posts or Growing blogs. Moreover, One single post in my blog received 800 hits alone. This even wasn’t figuring in Top Posts either. I’m not sure what the real math behind putting these statistics. Whatever it is, the math should be logical and realistic to match examples like what is happening in blogs like mine. Any math without prudent logic would serve null purpose and does not meet the professional standards. I think WordPress should realize this sooner than later. WordPress should give priority to those blogs receiving hits from third parties (meaning other than hits from within wordpress community). Fair example is my blog where 90% hits are from external users.



    ok, here is the deal, they measure th growth rate of your blog, my site, has lots of hits every single day and it now has lower rank thatn before, because it has sustained the growth rate, but each time, in comparison to prior results, the rate seems smaller and smaller… that was confusing…. :S

    I mean, that for example, 100 new user/month, the first month, the growth was 100000%!!!! (from 1 to 100 viewers) the second, was 200% (from 100 to 200), the third (from 200 to 300), aprox. 150%… and so forth, see?



    I didn’t say that was the deal.



    “WordPress should give priority to those blogs receiving hits from third parties”
    How do you know we do not?

    Please do not assume anything about the way we do or do not compile the stats.

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