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Grown up children's characters (fictional)

  1. I was thinking about how children's characters (from stories, books, tv, etc) would be if they'd grown up. So, one character per comment - tell me a character and how they'd be now.

    Mine is Alice (in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass). I think she'd probably, by now, have kicked her eat me, drink me habit, but might have moved to a city where there are few rabbits, so she might talk to the odd pigeon. She has a phobia of falling down rabbit holes and doesn't trust pointy-chinned royals, and she won't touch anything that has a door-knocker on it.

    Your turn.

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  2. phoenixtearsheal

    Teddy Lupin :) Everyone loves loves Teddy.
    He's now grown into a kindly wizard who has mastered his werewolf genes and rather than turning into a monster once a month, turns into a full wolf, just for the fun of it whenever he wants, but never hurts people. He married one of Ron and Hermione's daughter's and they live happily in a house which magically balances on the end point of a beautiful silver star :)

  3. After Misty takes everything in the divorce, Ash Ketchum is forced to sell his gym badges to pay for child support and spends his nights getting buzzed on rare candy. But it's never enough to ease the aching failure of never being The Very Best (like no one ever was), is it, Ash? Is it?

  4. Annakin Skywalker --- after spending some years in Jedi Academy, he decides that the stuffy dictatorship isn't for him. Never forgetting his mother, he returns to Tatooine and forms a resistance front to overthrow the Hutts. After successfully creating a new Allied planetary front --- with aid from his friends at Naboo --- he exposes the corruption in the Republic revealing that the entire system is being run by a Sith Lord.

    Annakin, free from the rules of the Jedi forbidding love, goes on to marry Senator Padme without any guilt, and they go on to raise two health twins who know nothing of war. He never turns to the Dark Side, though, as he had all the midichlorians in his body removed thanks to an advanced medical procedure. His midichlorians were last seen being used as hydraulic fluid on next-generation roller coasters.


    Wait, did I do this right?

  5. Alicia, from Enid Blyton's Mallory Towers school stories is the 'New' Jeremy Paxman. A real hard bitch who gives interviewees a spectacularly hard time; and even the toughest politicians quake in her presence. Some have even been known to burst into tears and flee the studio.
    In her private life, she has a penchant for ginger beer, tomatoes, lettuce and pink iced birthday cakes. Bless.

  6. After serving 7 of a 10 year sentence for drug trafficking Shaggy left a changed man. He got a law degree via correspondence and is now the driving force behind legalizing marijuana instead of just smoking it.

  7. @jessie - lol!!

  8. Linford. The boy who said ''Goodbye Mr. Chips'' the night before his death. (Novel)

    Linford was so humiliated that he left Brookfield school and migrated to Borneo. He never wished goodbye to anyone else. He sells socks on a stall now. He is a part-time fortune-teller now :)

  9. Josh Baskin, the little kid from the 1988 blockbuster film "Big".

    I'm willing to bet he grows up and looks just like a young Tom Hanks.

  10. @mattconlon And for some reason he's way into cougars. :)

  11. @absurdoldbird . Are you or were you, a Malory Towers fan?

  12. @jessielandel - no, not Malory Towers, pretty much all the rest of Enid Blyton's books though! ;)

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