grrr changing fonts in themes?

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    I’m getting really frustrated, I want to change the font in Wu Wei or the font size in Oulipo and how do i change the orange Header? I’ve tried typrkit fonts but it doesnt seem to regonise this, i think the kit doesnt work with these themes. But the main thing is changing font colors.

    I need advice before i go mad!!!!


    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have the paid CSS upgrade? Do you know how to edit CSS?

    If the answer to either of those is No, you’ll have to code the changed font paragraph by paragraph:

    You can change the colour just by using the colour picker on the Advanced toolbar.



    hi – I am having a similar issue but I have purchased the CSS update. The reality is that I don’t know CSS and even looking at all of the reference guides I’m nervous about changing it. It is not like HTML which is pretty easy. I copied the CSS code for my site which is Vigilance as the theme and it is 40 pages in Word. If I want to change the font throughout the site, do I need to change it each time in the document? Thanks.


    @bdellerin, we need a link to your blog please.

    Also, you cannot work with the CSS in MS Word. MS Word will add coding to the CSS, and it will be unusable. You always need to work with a CSS file in a plain text editor such as notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).

    Once we have a link to your blog, we can begin to help you.



    wow I realized that I never checked back. Thank you for responding. My blog is and I want to change the font in the posts to sans serif. Right now I am coding it in each post. I wanted to change the overall font style to Arial.



    You don’t need all the span tags with the font names in, you only really need to add one line of code to the CSS:

    body {font-family:arial,sans-serif;}


    First off, do not copy and paste from Word into the CSS editor window. Word adds all sorts of garbage code and changes key characters used in CSS into other things (single and double quotes to name two) that will mess things up.

    Always copy and paste CSS from a plain text document from Notepad or TextEdit or something like that.

    The main font for the theme is set in the body section of the CSS, but then the font for different page elements are set in the controlling selelctors for that element (if the font is going to be different from that set in body), so yes you will have to change the fonts in other locations as desired.

    Two notes of caution though:

    1. Do NOT paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS editor. That will more likely than not mess up your site. Paste only the specific selectors, and the specific declarations you are changing.

    2. Do NOT use oddball fonts that you have on your computer. Browsers pull fonts from the visitors computer, and if they don’t have that font, then the browser will substitute either “serif” or “sans serif and your site will not look like what you intended.

    You can use typekit fonts and then with that service, the fonts you use will be served to the visitor’s browser by typekit, so they do not have to have the font installed on their computer.



    An excellent free text editor for Windows systems is Notepad++:

    It can do colour coding to help you see what you are doing – you might have to set the language to CSS to turn it on.

    The following page lists fonts common to Windows and Mac:

    This page tells you how to use font-family property:

    My personal choice is Verdana every time. it’s on over 99% of Windows PCs, it’s elegant, simple and clear, and displays well on LCD screens. The fallbacks would be Ariel and Sans Serif.

    There is lots on the Internet about font familys, plus some people who object to Verdana as it’s bigger for a given point size than other fonts. My take on this is that 1) you shouldn’t be using absolute font sizes and 2) a bit big is far better than too small when trying to read a page.



    I’m having a nightmare trying to change the fonts in Twenty-Ten theme. TypeKit editor keeps telling me I don’t exist, even though i’ve been on it, selected fonts and somehow guessed a selector which worked on my blog.

    I need help changing the font of my blog title, tag line, page titles and sidebar titles (same font). any ideas guys?




    I am totally e-challenged.I have no idea about code,html, css,etc. I just want to start a personal blog. WHY is it not set up like in Word that you are offered a default list of fonts that you can easily change size and style? Why must this process be so difficut? Is there an easier way to do this?
    I have read blogs, looked at forums and nothing is working that I am trying,
    A) I have embedded my code
    B) opened kit editor, picked my font
    c) I thought I did it right in the “Selector” field,, but nothing has happened,

    Could someone please help me,

    My two fonts are “Angie STD Sans” & “Museo Sans” it doesnt matter what is in the body or title.

    How should I enter it in the selector field.

    I have been trying things for 3 whole days. must be a totall idiot!!!!???
    Please help!



    @mitchellday and lanelines
    Do these help?
    A walk through article on how to use Type Kit with your blog. and this link as well



    by the way thanks a ton to halluke, thesacredpath and swoolrich for all the tips.



    I am equally lost. I do not know HTML, so when someone says “Add XXX to the CCS code” I have no idea what that means. Add it where? How? Before/after what? Etc.

    I VERY simply want to use a sans serif typeface for the body copy. Isn’t there a way to do that by some default option rather than have to purchase a font kit of do a lot of HTML: editing? I see most blogs using a sans serif typeface.

    Finally…I am on a mac (using Office for Mac) and don’t know what I can use to type text other than Word. (I understand Word adds code that conflicts with the code editor in WP.)

    Thanks for any help.



    a) You don’t have to purchase anything. You can change the font on a post-by-post basis using HTML (see here: ), or you can sign up for the free/trial version of Typekit, select the font you prefer and just add this selector:

    b) Word is safe if you paste the text in the HTML editor, not the visual. Or you can use TextEdit.




    Thank you for your reply, but if you can be patient with an HTML dummie, but my inability to know what to do with you advice is exactly the problem.

    “a) You don’t have to purchase anything. You can change the font on a post-by-post basis using HTML”
    I don’t want to change the font on a post-by-post basis; I just want to change the default typeface to san serif for everything, rather than the serif typeface that is now showing.

    (see here: )

    I looked at this but it does not have the step-by-step that someone like me needs. I says to add some code, but where and exactly where in the line of code? Separated by anyhting, etc. That is my problem.

    or you can sign up for the free/trial version of Typekit, select the font you prefer and just add this selector:

    Again, I’m sure that is simply for someone who has worked HTLM, but when you say “just add this selector” — exactly where, exactly how?

    I hope you can be patient enough to still help.

    b) Word is safe if you paste the text in the HTML editor, not the visual. Or you can use TextEdit.your note is the kind of problem i am having.


    • When you are on the post editor screen, there are two tabs above the main text box, “Visual” and “HTML”. To paste material form Word or any other text editing application, click the HTML tab then paste.

    • TextEdit is a simple text editing application native to Macs.

    • Suppose you want to change the font of a post to Verdana (one of the standard sans serif fonts). You click the HTML tab of the post editor, and you paste this at the beginning:
    <div style="font-family:verdana;">
    with this at the end:
    But if you don’t want to do this on a post-by-post basis, forget all about it and use Typekit instead.

    • Sign up here:
    You’ll need to give the address of your blog, and you’ll need to go to Appearance > Typekit Fonts in your dashboard and paste your Typekit ID.
    Browse through the available fonts in Typekit; when you find one you like, click “Add to Kit”; the window that will pop up includes a “Selectors” field: obviously that’s where you paste the selector I mentioned (#content); click Publish, and after a few minutes your posts will show up with the font you selected.



    This helps, but before I start…

    There are all kinds of custom fonts on Typekit, but I thought if I used them, they would just default anyway to basic fonts if the custom fonts are not loaded on the browsers where the blog is viewed. If that is the case, I did not see any “typical” sans serif fonts on Typekit.

    Also, if I put the font in “selections” asyou say, will it change the body copy, the headline font, or both?

    Thank you VERY much for your help.



    What do you mean “…obviously that’s where you paste the selector I mentioned (#content).

    Do I literally type in “#content” ?



    There is what appears to be a “sample/example” right under the Selector window:


    That’s why I’m confused.what to type in.

    Does “content” mean body copy? Is the # sign needed. Baffled why they don’t explain that.



    Can’t I just change the theme to one that has sans serif type, or does that mess up other format and design elements?

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