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    I am trying to use gt_search_all_blogs.php in WPMU with the Tiga template, but this template has a separate searchform.php file, which seems to have no relationship in content to the gt_search_all_blogs.php script. In any case, it does not work. How can I remedy this and make it work? Currently search results show up in the background underneath the sidebars, and when doing a search from a sub-site, it seems to crash.

    Any help is appreciated.



    The appropriate forum for this question would be:
    Although is a wpmu site, we don’t have access to the .php.



    This forum is only for bloggers with blogs hosted by We do not have Tiga. We cannot access our php and edit our templates at We are on a multi-user blogging platform here. runs on different software than we do.

    This forum is where you need to go if you have downloaded software from

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