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Guess the Next Poster Game

  1. It's a very simple game. Players guess who's going to post here next. There are no right or wrong answers (except, of course, those who get the previous guess right.) and every so often I'll keep a running score of the top three guessers.

    To start with, I'll guess DarkJade86

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No your guess was wrong but I found this game interesting. I'm guessing the next poster will be Ummm @redshirtfalcon

  3. Nope. It was me. However, I happen to know Raincoaster will post next.

    I am a psychic you know....

  4. Nope. It's me again :) I guess the next to be Matt :)

  5. silvermoonsandpaperchains

    Nope, I'm Bee. :)
    But I think the next poster will be timechief.

  6. Wrong!

    I'm betting the chalk with falcon - DarkJade, paging DarkJade

  7. -your call could not be completed as dialed. please check the number and try again.-

    Let's Go Tower Defense Time Chief!

  8. There was something wrong with the call so it's redirected to me :) (No one could guess my entry here because I came here after a week. :D)
    Over to you Timethief.

  9. Nope.

    DarkJade, you have to post here eventually. ;)

  10. But not yet..

    redshirt, your presence is requested!

  11. strawberryindigo

    Not me

  12. Well you didn't guess anyone. But Teamoyeni will guess the next.

  13. readytochangenow

    @strawberryindigo - LOL

    Dead fairies will post next.

  14. No I'm not dead. I'm alive fairy :)
    Cj626! Where are you?

  15. Not here. I'm guessing the Easter Bunny will be next.

  16. strawberryindigo

    You are so right : I am that rabbit

    Next up: Kyllingsara

  17. Taa Daaa! You are correct.

    Let me rub my crystal ball.

    Ok, it's telling me strawberryindigo will appear next.

  18. Unfortunately, that crystal ball is actually made of cubic zirconium.

    Which means you're wrong.

    Scores: Strawberry Indigo - 1
    Everyone Else - 0

    cj626, I choose you!

  19. strawberryindigo

    l0000000000 please step up....make me look good, ok?

  20. evolutionofpete

    Sorry. I'm afraid you have epic failed.

    But I shall give you a chance to redeem yourself by posting next :)

  21. phoenixtearsheal

    I know that the next poster will have a name
    and it maybe ardpierre :D

  22. theinsanityaquarium

    Unfortunately not, my dear!

    I guess that the next poster will be me.

  23. theinsanityaquarium

    I win! :D

    ... and the next will be strawberryindigo.

  24. Nup! It's meeeeeee.

    My guess is absurdoldbird next.

  25. strawberryindigo

    Sorry, It's me again...

    Next up: Dovesgold!

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