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Guess what, Rich ...? [embarrassed grin]

  1. margaretrosestringer

    Done it again. Can't be bothered apologizing: this is me, and that's it.

    The widgets now being in a 'hidden' sidebar have proved somewhat difficult to access, but I've mostly succeeded in making 'em legible by changing the font colours.

    What I haven't succeeded with is the slideshow: I cannot center the images and make the 'screen' any larger. This is probably because I simply can't find which bit of CSS code I must use.

    OTY, hero ...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy, I'm seeing the images and the slideshow in the sidebar centered. You can increase the size of the images a little by adding the following CSS.

    #widget-gallery-2-slideshow .slideshow-slide img {
        max-height: 180px !important;
        position: relative;
        top: -12px;

    The light colored border (the outside limits) is the full width of the sidebar area, so we can't go any bigger without widening the sidebar. That can be done if you wish to do that. Let me know. It takes a little work on number of elements.

  3. margaretrosestringer
    So why can you/others see it centred and I can't ?! Grrrr...
    Those are the two CSS additions relevant to the slideshow, now: and the screengrab above is the result.

  4. Hmmm, here is what I see in Chrome on my Mac:

  5. margaretrosestringer
    And that's from Opera.

  6. Hmmm, let me reinstall Opera and test.

  7. I'm seeing it centered on Opera on my Mac. Looks just like this:

    Can you try clearing your browser cache in Opera and take another look?

  8. margaretrosestringer

    Done that. No difference. Not that I expected any, as I only downloaded and installed Opera a few days ago.
    Having a lot of difficulty with it: I can't work out how to use the little ****er.
    That at least ain't your problem.
    And in fact, none of this is, any more. If everyone else is seeing it OK, then I shall simply wear the fact that I'm not !
    I hereby announce that you may put this out of your clever head, and get back to doing some real stuff.
    Thank-you Rich ...

  9. M.R. I'll look at things in Opera and see if I can figure out what is not being applied correctly (as far as CSS). I have Virtual Box installed on my Mac which allows me to run Windows on my Mac, so I'll see about installing Opera on that and see if I can figure out what is going on with it.

    And as always, you are welcome.

  10. margaretrosestringer

    G'day, hero ... Listen, I'm fair infuriated by Opera: I haven't the faintest idea how to make it functional. I looked this up on the Web and found some bloke giving instructions that involved another piece of software, at which point I lost my temper and declared Opera ridiculous.
    I mean, minimalism is one thing; but having to make a browser work for you by involving 3rd party software is QUITE ANOTHER !!!
    So if I'm not too late, I hope to prevent you using up any of your highly valuable time in researching for me anything to do with it !!!
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...
    And besides: I found that a music track I inserted doesn't work via Opera: all one sees is a solid black bar !
    If I AM too late, I apologise deeply. All I can do. :-\

  11. No problems, M.R. I'd still like to work out why it was doing it, so no time is wasted.

  12. margaretrosestringer

    A helpful bloke from somewhere mentioned a specific version of Opera that allows audio tracks, and he was right ...
    BUT ! Opera is still insane: you can't right-click on something to open it in a new tab !!! How crazy is that ?!
    I shan't be seduced by any other fan into trying it, now that I now how basically odd it is.
    HFM, M-R

  13. There are some people for whom Opera is the perfect browser and they won't use anything else. Same goes for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. It's all about what feels comfortable to you and what works for you.

    I have to use them all for testing purposes and CSS issues, but I too have my favorites.

  14. margaretrosestringer

    I'm obliged to use Chrome, because of having a lot of people who follow me and whom I follow being non-anglophones.
    If there were another browser offering translation, I can tell you I'd use it; for a fan of Google I am not.
    And being Windows, I can't use Safari.
    Sighh ... It's never-ending, the hunt for the perfect browser - much as the hunt for the perfect WP theme !! :-)
    Question totally unassociated, Rich ...?
    I want to talk to a techo about my travel site and the possibility of its being turned into a WP site: can you recommend a web-building specialist ? - for I fear my luck won't hold out to the extent of its being you ... without offence !!!!

  15. Hmmm, are you going to host it here on or elsewhere?

  16. margaretrosestringer

    Give me a BREAK, Rich ! - here, of course !! :-)

  17. Where is your travel site now or are you starting it from scratch?

  18. margaretrosestringer

    Currently hosted by a company that bought out a company that bought out a company ... all true ! -
    Do you want my explanation of why the code is like a dog's breakfast now, or after you've looked at it and fainted ...?

  19. M.R. it is not a bad site, but does look a little dated. Let me see what I can do about finding someone to convert everything over for you. I like the background illustrations/images used on some of the pages.

  20. margaretrosestringer

    Don't you want any of the background details about how it came to be such a mess, code-wise ...?

  21. margaretrosestringer

    And btw, because Chic made it - the portal site and no. 4 - I do want it to stay looking as similar as possible. Its being dated doesn't matter so much: I just need to be able to get in there and fix stuff.
    At the moment, I wouldn't dare try to fix ANYTHING, for fear of breaking the whole thing ...

  22. Well, we'll keep that in mind then. :)

  23. margaretrosestringer


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