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Guest accounts?

  1. I have made one of my blogs private for just a family blog and have made a generic user name account in case some family member wants others to only view it (all family member's right now can view and are authors). Only thing is that there is no such thing as a guest account on wordpress. Whomever they hand out the login and password could change the email associated with that particular login account. Any other way around this or is there anything in the works to make very limited guest accounts for private blogs?

  2. hey sounds good

  3. You could delete them after a limited time and give family members new accounts say, every couple of months. Other than that, the only way to maintain total security for a private blog is to give the passwords only to those you trust 100%. Even then, some may surprise you, through carelessness or whatever. It is only fair to warn you.

  4. Yes. I can forsee some problems that could arise just out of not knowing. Maybe I should add this as a request to feedback or the idea forum. I basically want a "read only" guest account that can do nothing but view. No email changing (I want to administer the email for the guest account as well), no contributing, just reading. I think the "new" account every few months is a good idea, but the only thing is that I need a new email for each new account on a blog.

  5. Oh. there IS a workaround for that. Just password-protect the posts and email them the passwords; they're then responsible for their own accounts. The passwords are specific to the blog posts, so even if they gave someone their ID and password for their WP account, that person still couldn't view the blog post without the blog post password. You can set that under Post Password on the Write page sidebar.

    Apologies for not getting the idea quicker.

  6. Would they then need to sign in on every single post that is password protected? I have not messed with password blocking on individual posts yet.

  7. Moved to ideas. Please don't multipost the same idea.

  8. Sorry about that. I created an idea post once i realized it was in the wrong forum, but I didn't know how to move the original post myself. Thanks.

  9. yes, they need to sign in on every password-protected post. They don't need to have WordPress accounts at all, unless you've made that mandatory on your blog. They just need to have the password, and the password will be different for each password-protected post, or should be.

  10. If you use the same password on all protected posts then all the posts with that password will be shown. Seems logical, but often missed!


  11. ok thanks trent and rain. I hadn't thought of that. I was thinking of a guest account that had two passwords associated with it. One that is the admin of the profile (email, nickname, etc) and another password for the account that gives read access to the blogs associated with it. That way you dont have to make each post private but only the blog and can change the guest password at any time. Is it possible to mass edit all posts to change passwords if a problem comes up?

  12. Nope, this is something you have to do one at a time. You can always keep a master list of passwords on your computer somewhere, with a devious name like "dental report '06/01'.

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