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    This might not be the right section and I appreciate it ‘s more of a Search Engine question than WP.

    In August I plan to have a number of guest bloggers on my site. These will be performers all taking part in a festival giving a day by day account of it all. I’m planning on setting them up as contributors to the site so as they can write posts but be able to publish it until either myself or an editor approves them.

    Problem is performers are naturally self publicising and although I’m going to ask them not to repeat material it’s quite possible they might be sending the same post to different blog sites. I already noticed someone doing this tonight.

    What kind of problems could that cause if the search engines spot duplicate posts on different sites?

    I’ve looked at the support stuff on google but their technical documents aren’t the most easy to read.

    The blog I need help with is


    There is some confusion as to whether the search engines penalize you for duplicate content or not, but the fact is, when they find duplicate content, the one that is going to show up first on search engines is going to be the site with the higher search engine ranking, so if the other sites have higher ranking than yours, you might end up buried on page two or three or one hundred in the searches.

    My suggestion would be to ask them to write short introductions for the other sites, or quote a short passage from their post on your blog and then have them link back to yours so that the visitor can go to your site for the full post.


    I also suggest before Publishing a post, you google the first line of it. That’ll tell you if it’s already out there.



    Thanks very much.

    In some cases I suspect that my site will have a higher Google ranking than theirs as they are going to mostly be new performers, I’ve built up quite a few links from various places linking to it.

    I’m not sure a Google search before publishing would work as it will a daily round up, the chances are it will be within too close a time frame for Google to picked up the other one.

    @thesacredpath that sounds like a good idea.I’ll try that,

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